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Spectral Photo Colorimeter

Measure and reveal the relative spectral power distribution of light source and luminescent material (UV, visible, near infrared / UV-UIS-NIR), chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color rendering index, color tolerance, the peak wavelength, red ratio, green ratio, blue ratio, spectral radiant power, luminous flux, luminous efficiency and other optical parameters, we adopt a new test equipment which can test ambient temperature and temperature within photosphere at the same time, making the measurement qualification more audio-visual and data more reliable; the chromaticity diagram and the color tolerance chart in test report can be converted freely, to solve customers' misunderstanding of the light color by different standards of different type of light sources.

Salt-Fog Corrosion Tester Salt-Fog Tester

Salt-Tog Tester is one of the “Three Proof” Equipment (Hot and Humid, Salt fog, Mold) of artificial climate environment tester. Salt-Fog Tester is important test facility for research of adaptability and reliability of all different environments of Machinery, Nation Defense Industry, Light Electronics, Instrument and other industries. Salt-Fog Tester based on GB/T2423.17 neutral salt-fog test.

In order to prevention poor contact of LED lamp by connecting electricity and metal rust parts. Causing non-conduction Electricity. Electricity String Phenomenon by bad contact.

High &Low temperature test chamber

This tester has wide range of temperature controlling, all the performance index meet the National standard GB10592-89 of the technology condition for High & low temperature test chamber ,all the products testing such as low temperature test, high temperature test and constant Damp & heat test is according to GB2423.1,GB2423.2 “Environmental testing for electric and electronic products Test A: Test at low temperature, Test B: Test at high temperature”, the products are compliant to GB2423.1,GB2423.2,GJB150.3,GJB150.4,IEC,MIL standards.

Whether the components and the 3M glue of Led fixtures are compliant to the High & low standards, we usually control the temperature between -40~+60 degree to test the products.

Burning Test Machine

This experiment mainly refers to UL94-2006, IEC60695-11-4. IEC60695-11-3, GB/T5169-2008series standard Bunsen burner with specified size (Bunsen burner) and the specific source of gas (methane or propane), according to certain flame height and flame angle for certain facilities were state of the horizontal or vertical burning test regularly applied several times to test fire, The duration of the burning hot and length to assess the flammability and fire risk.

Conductivity Tester

KH3939-based EMI test receiver is a fully automated test receiver, is the main tool for EMI testing. The frequency range of KH3939-type receiver frequency is from 9kHz to 300MHz, can fully meet the power line disturbance power test,

EMI (electromagnetic compatibility power) tests a batch of the most power supply manufacturers, we ensures the quality of our products by random testing of 5% semi-finished products and 3% of the finished product.

Environmental Testing Instruments

The X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF) of ROHS testing instruments EDX8600 type Produced by 3V Instrument is a rapid screening test, materials-control instruments, which is used to do tests concerned with RoHS, heavy metals, halogens etc by variety of electronics, electrical appliances, plastics or toys enterprises.

The instrument can do detection test for six elements (including lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls,polybrominated biphenyl ethers in total of six hazardous substances), which are restricted to be used in the product materials since the full implementation of the EU RoHS environmental directive enforced On July 1, 2006,

The main function of this instrument is the control of internal quality inspection and the control of quality risk. With this instrument allows test from procurement of raw materials - production process – end product testing. By full inspection control of our own products, which promise products in good quality and guarantee company reputation and products quality。